À propos de nous

  • Heart Throb

    (Director of Steamy Affairs)

    AKA: The Pulsing One
    Likes: Leaving you neighing for more.
    Dislikes: Being left in a dusty drawer
    Personality: Charmer, Flirtatious
    Hobbies: Exploring uncharted territories of pleasure

  • Bean Blossom

    (Head of Climax Operations)

    AKA: The Thick Tongued One
    Likes: passionate sessions of pleasure
    Dislikes: Boredom and Routine
    Personality: Playful, Naughty
    Hobbies: Fantasy Role Playing

  • Mount'n Peak

    (Senior Orgasm Engineer)

    AKA: The Pointy Tongued One
    Likes: Being the mane attraction
    Dislikes: Killing the good vibes
    Personality: Horny, Bold
    Hobbies: Mastering the art of seductive movements

  • Karma Lilac

    (Senior Massaging Developer)

    AKA: The Massaging One
    Likes: Someone with a sweet tooth
    Dislikes: ...
    Personality: Playful, Sweet
    Hobbies: Massaging sweetness of pleasure

  • Wild Spirit

    (Senior Twirling Engineer)

    AKA: The Long Tongued One
    Likes: Being unleashed from the box
    Dislikes: Having a low battery
    Personality: Horny, Wild
    Hobbies: Causing a storm under the covers